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Finance Director Plus

At ProfitPlus we understand that many small and medium sized organisations need experienced financial management skills at each stage of their life cycle, but that full time expertise is often not required. Through Finance DirectorPlus we provide a flexible, affordable service, offering high value adding Finance Director expertise to businesses and not-for-profit organisations, based on anything from 1 day per month to 3 days per week depending upon the needs and budget of the business. If you need to …

  • Grow your business and improve profitability
  • Develop strategy and action plans
  • Develop robust business plans, forecasts and budgets
  • Receive independent business financial and commercial advice
  • Implement leaner processes, new systems and tighter controls
  • Reduce costs without damaging the business
  • Understand product and customer costs and profitability
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Raise additional funding or release cash for further investment
  • Prepare monthly and annual accounts
  • Have management information that informs how the business is performing and provides insight into how the future may look
  • Manage your relationships with banks, accountants / auditors, debtors and creditors

…you could reap significant benefit from our Finance DirectorPlus services.


There are many advantages to using the services of a professional finance person on a part-time basis. Our experience is that engagement of part-time professional Finance Director skills can provide comfort to banks that they are lending to businesses that are more focussed, better controlled and have a lower risk profile and may also lead to significantly reduced audit and accountancy fees.

The ProfitPlus team are experienced in providing high value adding Finance Director level expertise to small and medium sized businesses.


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