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Our Experience

ProfitPlus comprises an experienced team of consultants and associates with many years of consulting and advisory experience gained from working with a wide range of different sized organisations across many industry sectors.

Below are examples of our consulting team’s experience in improving performance in a cross section of organisations

Improving Customer and Product Profitability

  • Costing the logistics, distribution and product / customer facing activities to determine costs to service and customer profitability for each customer of a foodservice distribution company customers. Interpreting the outputs, identifying drivers of cost and working with the client to determine strategies to improve the profitability of poorly performing customers.  Implementing systems and processes to provide cost to serve and profitability information on an ongoing basis.
  • Advising a large consumer goods supplier on the best approach to meet their needs, managing the Activity Based Costing (“ABC”) software selection process and coaching / guiding the client team in development of their profitability model using Prodacapo software.
  • Working with a leading UK retailer to define and cost store and supply chain activities and calculate profitability for each of the organisations 212 product groups. This included leading the software evaluation and implementation of the SAS Activity Based Costing and profitability management solution.
  • Leading a pan-European merchanting business in the selection and implementation of ALG’s (now Business Objects) ABC solution in seven businesses across Europe. Provided a consistent basis for reporting activity costs, channel, customer and product profitability across Europe.

Implementing Process Improvements

  • Streamlined a retailer’s point of sale process, from concept design through printing and distribution to implementation in-store, resulting in significant process improvements and cost reductions of 30% plus in overall costs of POS.
  • Reviewed a large UK charity’s complex billing and cash collection processes and  developed a route map to enable the charity to migrate to a simplified, more efficient and robust process.
  • Process mapped and reviewed multiple claims payment processes in an insurance company to identify best practice and scope for consolidation of processes to a new more efficient single process. The team identified significant opportunities for cost reduction and developed plans to take the changes forward.
  • Improved a centralised accounts payable function processing in excess of 500,000 invoices and 170,000 payments per annum, for a large UK based distribution company, resulting in process changes that realised a 30% saving in cost.
  • Designed and implemented a UK based shared service centre for back office finance process for an automotive parts distribution group.

Managing Performance and Reporting

  • Definition of new reporting and forecasting processes and the design of a new management reporting suite for a large, multi-site print organisation.
  • Establishment of processes to monitor costs and report profitability for a £25 million project involving a complex organisation, comprising 6 divisions of the company and multiple call centres employing up to 1,000 people.
  • Investigation of root causes of “out-of-control” performance reporting for UK and French subsidiaries of large quoted US parent in automotive sector, and support with development and management of new reporting processes.
  • Detailed investigation of management reporting procedures for £25 million turnover UK-wide multi-site group and recommendations for improvement prior to management buy-out.

Leading Business Strategy and Planning

  • Market and strategic analysis to determine which of a Foodservice distribution businesses channels to market where most attractive and support in development of future strategy and investment plans.
  • Successfully supporting a client applying for £500,000 of grant to develop its business in a new market, including development of the business strategy, plan and projections for the application process and guiding them through the application evaluation process.
  • Development of business strategy and plans for an exhibition stand designer and builder to take them into new markets in the UK and overseas.
  • Preparation of strategic business plan and associated financial forecasts for horticultural nursery seeking to raise finance through public offering of shares.

Improving Working Capital

  • Restructuring the credit control function and implementing a new process driven approach to debtor management as part of shared service centre implementation for an automotive parts distributor. Resulted in substantial reduction in outstanding debtors.
  • Identifying and addressing underlying issues causing invoicing and pricing errors which were resulting in high levels of queries and outstanding debtors for a large UK charity.
  • Bringing SAP system payment terms into line with supplier agreements and streamlining payment processes to obtain early settlement discounts for a distribution company.
  • Restructuring of supply chain for UK subsidiary of international healthcare products group to address problems with local stock availability.  Improvements to credit control processes resulting in significant drop in debtor days, reduced bad debt write-offs and improved cashflow.
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